The term Window blinds is also sometimes used, somewhat inaccurately, to describe window coverings generically - in this context window blinds include most every type of window covering ie. shutters, roller shades, roman shades and of course, vertical and horizontal blinds.

Window blinds reduce the heat from sunlight. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs had blinds made of reeds. The most inexpensive blinds in the 1800's were home-made roller shades, made of cloth.

Window blinds can be manually drawn using a cord, or automated through motorization. Controls for motorized blinds can be from a wall switch or keypad, remote control, or a personal computer, eliminating the need for cords and allowing control of otherwise inaccessible windows.

  1. Hand Operated
  2. Room Divider / Shower Rails
  3. Cord Operated
  4. Panel Glide system
  5. Electrical system
  6. Roman / Austrian / Festoon Blind Systems
  7. Vertical Blinds
  8. Roller Blinds / Dim-out Blinds
  9. Venetian Blinds
  10. Remote control (Infra Red / Radio Wave) system

We remain committed to excel in the market when it comes to quality and service.

  • Dependable knowledge bank – eager to share with you its hard earned experience and knowledge, in furnishing the top end of the hospitality industry and corporates for over a  decade.
  • Comprehensive Project Management – WINFAB INDIA can accurately estimate every aspect of the project and arrive at fairly accurate project completion.

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Wallpaper is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings; it is one aspect of interior decoration. material, as fabric, vinyl, or paper, usually with colored patterns printed on it, for covering the walls of a room ,Here the emphasis is on the artistry of creating richly appointed interiors that are warm and inviting, durable yet elegant.

The challenge is always to create unique wallcoverings that are in harmony with, and reflect, the locations in which they are found. In meeting this on-going challenge, we are continually refining so that the highest level of quality is maintained while adhering to the stringent budgets and sensitive timelines characteristic of the industry.


  1. Vinyl (Fabric backed) (Paper backed)
  2. Textile (Paper backed) (Woven, non-woven, classic linen w/c)
  3. Anaglypta w/c
  4. Jacq Art w/c (fiber glass w/c)
  5. Paper – Paper backed w/c.
    • Officially treated BIO PRUF. No bacterial growth is possible on the surface of our vinyl and bacteria will die once in contact with the vinyl. Sanitized treatment: - Anti Fungi & bacteria, this will be completed by a treatment for the dust mite.
    • Non-allergic and once applied to the wall, the lifetime is easily between 10 to 20 years.
    • This means that the basic material is PVC on cotton backing; the long lifetime makes the product to eco-friendly
    • As we use a solid, a vinyl, all our qualities are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. We have not even had one complaint over the last 15 years. 
    • Maintenance, clean ability & durability are excellent.
    • Anti static treatment does not attract dust.

Since some of our products are made of synthetic yarns no problems will arise with humidity, there will not be a problem with shrinkage, which could occur with cotton or any other natural fiber.

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Fabric Wall paneling

Winfab is a market leader in panels for professional and public environments. These include entertainment venues like multiplex cinemas, nightclubs, sports venues, offices, hotels, convention centers, recording studios, home theaters and auditoriums. . From technical and acoustical design of multiplex, to supply and installation of it all. We provide the most advanced, innovative, application-oriented, techno-commercially superior, flexible stretched fabric solution for decorative applications. Our gripper system is compatible with most fabrics from budget range screen and panel fabrics to high value silks. This flexibility allows designers to specify from a virtually unlimited choice of fabrics.

Winfab system consists of a set of engineered profiles that provide a framework between which an interlining infill is provided. Fabric is then dressed and stretched taught into the interlocking jaws of the framed profiles providing an immaculate finish.

The system is assembled on site and therefore allows full flexibility to provide a perfect fit to adjacent components and finishes. It can be fitted to any wall or ceiling surface including uneven substrates.

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